Sunday, September 11, 2016

RNC Chair: Never Trumpers Are ‘Basically Voting’ for Hillary Clinton (VIDEO)

Via Billy

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  1. Don't hate on this, just asking. Hypothetically, how do we vote our conscience without voting for someone we aren't voting for? This statement comes up every election. Vote for someone you can't support or else you are "voting" for someone you can't support. Where and when does it end? It seems to me that as Trump was getting 30% of the GOP primary, some of his supporters were gleefully telling the rest that they didn't want or need them. Now, it will be their fault if Trump doesn't get enough votes. I am not sure I can vote for Trump. I loath Clinton. When is one less vote for either, one less vote? Just asking as someone who will definitely vote, and will most likely reluctantly include Trump on my ballot.

    1. include Trump on my ballot.

      We could survive 4 years of Clinton, but not her SC picks. This is the last chance, period.