Friday, October 28, 2016

A Presidency From Hell?

 A Presidency From Hell?

Should Donald Trump surge from behind to win, he would likely bring in with him both houses of Congress.

Much of his agenda — tax cuts, deregulation, border security, deportation of criminals here illegally, repeal of Obamacare, appointing justices like Scalia, unleashing the energy industry — could be readily enacted.

On new trade treaties with China and Mexico, Trump might need economic nationalists in Bernie Sanders’ party to stand with him, as free-trade Republicans stood by their K-Street contributors.


  1. Brock, THE quote of the year if not the decade can be found at WRSA today (10/28/16). It is from Paul Craig Roberts.
    "If the American people are really so unbelievably stupid that they think lewd remarks about women are more important than avoiding nuclear war, the American people are too stupid to exist. They will deserve the mushroom clouds that will wipe them and everyone else off the face of the earth."

    As for me, there is zero doubt in my mind, it a 100% certainty there will be WW III and nuclear weapons will be employed if Hillary the evil steals the election.

    1. Thanks and excellent. But Peter said I had the quote of the decade................:)