Thursday, October 6, 2016

Brilliant Sabotage: Giant Putin Banner Hung from Manhattan Bridge

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 putin banner bridge

Sabotaging the System One Truth at a Time.

The guys (gals?) who hung this Putin banner that reads “Peacemaker” did the world a great service. It shows that not everyone is on board with Hillary Clinton’s bull that Putin is the new Hitler.
Having a big banner like that made will lead to the perps being caught. There’s only a limited number of places to have something like that made and there’s probably a record of who made it.

That’s OK. The perps can explain why they pulled their harmless little act of sabotage, which should get even more people thinking.

Of course, Hillary will say that Trump’s deplorables did it, which is probably true.

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  1. Brock, if that is all factually accurate that one of Trump's Deplorables did the deed and Hillary the evil denounces it, it will be a very historic day. For it may be that she actually and knowingly told the Truth in public.

  2. Another banner. Thank God for American ingenuity - standing
    up for what's right:

    1. :) Thanks and much to do about nothing!