Monday, October 3, 2016

Hillary Threatens American Businesses: Also bashes Wells Fargo, despite taking $258,000 from the bank's executives

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 Sick Hillary

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton held a rally in Toledo, Ohio, a city ranked as the fourth-most economically distressed metro area in the nation.

To make her case, Clinton let loose some angry rhetoric, heavy on class warfare. Clinton even went so far as to issue a blanket threat aimed at all businesses in America.
Clinton specifically targeted Wells Fargo … [she] did not mention she has taken $258,000 from Wells Fargo executives in the current cycle.
Speaking to a crowd weary of Toledo’s poor economy, Clinton let the audience know she blamed U.S. companies who outsource and take advantage of the tax code. Unlike Republican Donald Trump — who has proposed plans to create the economic conditions to encourage companies to stay, entice them to return, and punish them for leaving — Clinton simply threatened the business community.

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