Saturday, October 29, 2016

Immediately After FBI Reopens Email Probe, It’s Learned Huma Abedin Lied Under Oath About Giving Up All Devices

Via Billy

The FBI found emails pertinent to its Clinton investigation, reportedly on a computer from her aide’s home. That doesn’t jibe with she told lawyers this summer.

In a normal election year, a normal candidate’s close aide who caused even minor embarrassment to a campaign so near to Election Day would be whisked away as quickly as possible to avoid becoming a distraction. 
But Huma Abedin is not simply a close aide, she’s a critical member of Hillary Clinton’s tiny inner circle that protects and at times enables the deeply flawed and secretive Democratic nominee. 


  1. I have a phrase that combines the thought that bad company corrupts good morals and one is known by the company they keep: "The virgin doesn't hang out with the whores". Huma has been Hillary the evil shadow for long that one might conclude that they are in fact lesbian lovers. Huma has seen up close, how Hillary the evil lies, and commits other felonies and how to get away it. It would be then reasonable for her to conclude that she (Huma) could lie under oath without fear of any consequences for her actions and that she would be under Hillary the evil's protection. What we have now is not an election campaign but rather a soap opera. I fully expect this will get even weirder yet.

    1. they are in fact lesbian lovers.

      That has been mentioned before. Thanks.