Monday, October 31, 2016

Sessions: 'Critical alert,' 817,740 illegals crossed last year

Via Billy

In a bid to put the issue of illegal immigration back into the presidential debate, outspoken critic Sen. Jeff Sessions on Monday issued a "Critical Alert" warning of a potentially historic surge of over the border.

"We are simply overwhelmed," his statement said. In it he estimated the Fiscal Year 2016 illegal crossings at 817,740.

"There is a crisis at our southwest border — one that in many ways exceeds the crisis we saw just two years ago, one that further undermines the integrity of our immigration system, but one that the most of the media has elected to ignore," said Sessions, an advisor to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

More with video @ Washington Examiner


  1. Senator Sessions deserves a high level position in Trump's administration. He is one of the few straight shooters.

    1. Yes, Carson, the cowboy sheriff :) and a few more.