Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Clinton campaign’s bigotry

Via Billy

Rednecks, evangelicals and Southerners, among many others, get a hit

 Rednecks are worth 100 of Hillary.  The backbone of the ANV and other Southern armies.


How does Hillary Clinton and her gang not love you? Let me count the ways: Standard rednecks. Deplorable. Irredeemable. Not American. Needy Latinos. The mocking of Catholics and Evangelicals, and Southerners. And let’s not forget those poor Bernie Sanders-supporting basement dwellers.

The exposure of the Clinton campaign’s rank bigotry would be one of the biggest news stories of a presidential campaign if many in the legacy media weren’t also colluding with the campaign itself, as revealed by WikiLeaks. Because you can help a campaign not by what you do report, but also by what you don’t report.

After a week of being told 24/7 that the biggest story in the world was that Donald Trump had no respect for anyone, strangely enough Bill and Hillary Clinton were proving that was actually their problem. Various WikiLeaks dumps also provided the most enlightening window into the appalling bigotry of the miserable bunch that is the Hillary Clinton campaign.

While a cigar and a blue dress were missing from former President Bill Clinton’s gathering in Fort Myers, Florida, for his wife’s campaign, Mr. Clinton did have a choice description for Donald Trump supporters —“standard rednecks.”

The Washington Examiner reported his remarks:


  1. Redneck, Evsngelical, Southerner. Guilty on all three here.

    1. Mighty proud. Might say fighting proud. I finagled the Mosin carbine back from son-in-law. The long gun is too heavy for me now. Bring it on.

    2. :) So, all your others are 91/30's I take it......? I've got a 44 also,as you well know, so we're good to go! :)