Saturday, November 19, 2016

Baltimore Teacher Calls Students The 'N' Word

Via Nancy


  1. Oh my! This clip brought back over thirty years of bad memories when I was working on my masters and teaching in some really tough places. Fortunately, I had some very knowledgeable mentors whose advice I took to heart and in so doing, I ensured my survival and my sanity. First of all, screaming does not affect those children as they are likely yelled and screamed at while home. Children in such an environment have learned to "tune out" their detractors. They do however understand physical violence which is another characteristic of their home life. Another problem for this poor woman is her race as white people are regarded as "the enemy", and "the oppressor." And finally, she made the cardinal mistake--which will likely result in her being unemployed and maybe even unemployable--- by using a name that only they are supposed to call one another. They, no doubt, were waiting for her to blow up and resort to their social expressions. When you learn in education classes the principle of "getting down on the student's level" in order to teach them anything, that does not include the use of their common words and expressions. I hope she finds another job because where she is not simply "stressful", it is HELL!!!

    1. I hope she finds another job

      Or finds a sane school.

  2. Unruly, not teachable , and basically uncivilized. Some kids
    do not belong in school - no reason for them to be there.
    When I lived in England back in the early 60's, kids were
    weeded out - ones who were not worthy of continuation of
    education as they were inept. These kids were sent to a
    trade school. There were no if's, and's, or buts about it.
    If I remember correctly, the 9th grade was the end of
    schooling. Just taking up space. Or, segregation.

    1. These kids were sent to a trade school.

      Don't know if it would work for these individuals though.

    2. Speak of the Devil.
      I could not imagine being a teacher and having to put
      up with jungle- behavior as demonstrated like in your
      video. No teaching; only attempts at discipline.
      According to the attached video, new teachers
      walk off the job rather than deal with the zoo. Even
      zoo animals behave better.

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    4. :) That reminds me of Churchill's retort after being accused of being drunk:

      Churchill to Lady Astor: “I may be drunk, Miss, but in the morning I will be sober and you will still be ugly.”

    5. Good one! Read this. It's the guns, don't ya know.
      Never mind those shoes.
      There was a robbery at Ingle's on Hendersonville
      Road about a week ago here in Asheville. While the
      scum were robbing the store, they robbed a patron
      of his sneakers. What is it about these sneakers?

    6. Thanks and evidently their thoughts don't quite come to normal.

  3. I guess being sent to the principal's office doesn't scare them anymore? How about..."this will go on your permanent record". My teachers always spoke softly and carried a big ruler, so did my parents