Monday, November 7, 2016

Want To Know Why Team Trump Has Been So Positive Of Late? Here’s Why…

Via Billy

Internal polling data is showing a remarkably strong trend in Donald Trump’s favor over the last week. So much so, Team Trump has been quietly coming to terms with the remarkable prospect of this country’s first 3rd Party candidate winning the presidency.

(That’s right, Donald Trump is as much a 3rd Party/Independent candidate as he is a Republican.)

Call it, “cautiously optimistic” which is far better than the mood inside Team Trump just a month earlier when the same internal polling data was showing Hillary Clinton building what many thought might be an insurmountable advantage.

Word is, the Clinton campaign has all but given up on Ohio, and near to doing the same in Florida, with North Carolina looking suspect for Team Clinton as well.


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  1. Polling has never been a particularly reliable activity....especially in regards to predicting
    an election outcome. And currently with most
    polling not being done with an eye to learning the
    truth but for the purpose of social engineering and
    manipulation it is simply best to ignore them.

  2. "Lets Make America Great Again"....Get Er' Done!

  3. Wasn't it Mark Twain that said "figures don't lie but liars figure."?

  4. Remembering voter intimidation by two black panthers with
    baseball bats. This doesn't seem to be the same type of
    intimidation. Confederacy is alive and well - Get Er'Done:
    ( may be a dup )