Monday, December 26, 2016

DEAR PATRIOTS: Should Trump SHUT DOWN Mosques And JAIL Clerics Calling For JIHAD?

Via Billy

Dilemma: if a religion IS expressly political and those politics conflict with the laws of the land, what next?

Separation of powers between Church and State is a WESTERN concept. It’s an idea that sprang directly from ‘Christendom’… even the Bible itself. (See Romans 13, among others.)

Ask any Muslim… even a moderate one… whether there should be a separation of Mosque and State, and the idea will seem strange to him. Their religion has no distinction between religious (moral) authority and Civic (and legal) authority.

That puts us in an awkward position. If POLITICAL Islam (including Sharia law) conflicts with the laws of America? What then?

Because their religion explicitly says that the authority of the Koran supersedes any moral or legal authority a nation might have. Allegiance of a Muslim is owed to the Koran alone.

That’s different than, say, the Christian expression of this dynamic.

Christians are subject to the MORAL authority of the Bible but to the LEGAL authority of the land in which they live. If preaching is forbidden, they still preach. But they accept the legal consequences — imprisonment and worse — if the government punishes them for doing so.


  1. Any church which PUBLICLY call for physical violence against anyone for their religious beliefs should be called out. For those who continue to do that should be shut down.

    Religion is supposed to help, not hurt. Violence for those who do not share your beliefs is not religion, its an excuse for hate.

    1. Violence for those who do not share your beliefs is not religion, its an excuse for hate.

      I see no way any sane person could disagree with that.

  2. Certain political groups have threatened to revoke Christian churches' tax exempt status for espousing views on issues deemed political. Perhaps what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Tax them into submission.

    1. Don't know we could do that with the oil wealth they currently have, though.

  3. Islam is incompatible with Christianity...or any other religion in the world today. They are a scourge upon the earth and should be eradicated or at the very least, not allowed into this country. Islam's stated goal is to enslave the western world... If that is not an enemy, I don't know what is. Level the mosques into rubble and cast them out.

  4. Treat the mosques the same as crack houses and the clerics can get a ride back to the old country via the Navy with the last few miles by tire tube and paddle. indyjonesouthere