Saturday, December 31, 2016

Marshall County man arrested for allegedly abusing 3-year-old girl

Via Jeffery


A Marshall County man has been charged for allegedly abusing a child, Albertville police said.

Diego Sebastian, 27, of Albertville, became a suspect after officers responded to a call from the Marshall South Medical Center Emergency Department on Wednesday about a 3-year-old girl with injuries. Police said the girl is related to Sebastian. The child was transferred to Children's Hospital in Birmingham with life-threatening injuries, police said.

Enough evidence was collected during a joint investigation involving the police department and the Marshall County Department of Human Resources to obtain a warrant for Sebastian. He was charged with aggravated child abuse Friday and was booked into Marshall County Jail on a $250,000 bond.


  1. I just hope Trump can close the open borders. He may, but only if he can invigorate the citizens to put enough pressure. Every, new outlet, democrat and republican will be screaming “racist” at the top of their lungs to stop the effort. Both parties have sold-out the American citizens.


    1. Both parties have sold-out the American citizens.

      Absolutely and they need to have their feet put into the fire.

  2. I don't get how children aren't more highly regarded in the US.

    And many local "parents" seem to just adopt. They wait too long to have children. Since there aren't many whites to adopt, no babies anyway, they take third world children in.

    And really if I were to adopt a child from, say India, then I should move to India. If a parent puts his child's life first, then a child from India should live in India, where he belongs.

    This society puts the self first. It's degenerate.

    1. This society puts the self first. It's degenerate.

      Yup and quite different from before.

      My G Aunt Lucy Iana Leach - Reminiscences Of My Work
      "I doubt if there is a race of people anywhere more willing to care for unfortunate children and babies than is the Negro."

      "They will often take them at great sacrifice and hardship to themselves and treat them as their own. As a rule, no questions are asked as to the child's background and parentage. They seem to be more interested in the age, sex, and color of the child than anything else. In Warren County, the supply could generally meet the demand!"