Wednesday, December 21, 2016

N. Korea rebel movement emerges to remove Kim Jong-un

Via Billy

Analysts North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is poised to try to exploit the uncertainty around President-elect Donald Trump's transition process. (Associated Press)

It seems there may be a nascent, rebel movement in North Korea attempting to depose North Korean Dear Leader, Kim Jong-un. There have been reports of anti-Kim leaflets and a reduction in popularity for the North Korean strongman. This could be a reaction to the extreme cruelty and human rights abuses Kim has perpetrated on his inner circle. No suspects have been reported detained as the regime’s investigation is ongoing. However, it is certain that ‘someone’ will be accused of the crime to make an example out of some poor souls. Up to three generations of a family could be put to death for such an offense.

“Anti-government messages such as “Overthrow Kim Jong Un” and “Punish Kim Jong Un” were reportedly scrawled over images of the leader’s grandfather and founder of the state Kim Il Sung, whose face adorns the 5,000 North Korean won (KPW) bills. The bills were scattered across the streets of downtown Hoeryong City, North Hamgyong Province, a popular commercial area located less than a mile from the Chinese border,” writes IBT.


  1. I don't believe this for a minute. The NORKS are way too well indoctrinated. They know with certainty that they are always being watched and they cannot wait to squeal on each other to the secret police since they fear that failure to squeal fast enough will be taken as collusion. Most likely, this is more fake news, since the NORKS don't tell stories of dissent, there are no international news agencies permitted access, there is no way for anyone to send that information to the outside world.

    North Korea is called the "hermit country" for a reason.

    1. The first place mentioned does have tours, so it's not impossible a tourist saw this.