Sunday, December 11, 2016

RUSSIA TO DESTROY MERKEL: Sounds good to me:)

Via comment by Anonymous on Obama, Graham and McCain Make Political Hay Using ...

 Russia has launched a campaign to interfere with the German elections, a US official has claimed

Wolf!  Wolf!  Wolf! :)

 Moscow will escalate a decade long operation to boost support for the far-right and nationalist groups in .

It comes as a CIA probe confirms Moscow helped Donald Trump win the US election though a series of cyber attacks.

A US official familiar with the investigation says Russian President will continue to wreck havoc.

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  1. Take this article with a grain of salt, but it will evoke some hysteria:

    1. Thanks.

  2. This is fake news unless the CIA gives evidence and they actually have someone with a name present the evidence. Without that it is only additional fake news by the MSM fake news bureaus. indyjonesouthere

    1. Yes, they have no evidence. See the one I just posted on the CIA.