Sunday, December 18, 2016

Saigon: December 18, 2016

 Don't know why this isn't done elsewhere.

Before the Vietnamese referred to AIDS as SIDA, but evidently have changed their tune.  Seemed to be a one day work shop which upon completion students received a diploma to do what with I wouldn't know.

 A/C being pumped towards the sidewalk.  I give up.....

The area around the church used to be John F. Kennedy Square until the Communists took over.
The old French post office.  Quite impressive inside.

This was refreshing as the American and his Vietnamese wife opened it around 1992/3 and it is still in existence.  A typical 'Saigon Tea' bar.

Some of these could be authentic.


This gentlemen takes his daily exercise around four.  Reminds me of the Frenchman who did the same though within the compound of the house next to mine at 141 Tran Quy Cap,Saigon.

I've seen a family of seven on one before.  He's picking up his children after English lessons and/or babysitting.
Bánh Cuốn or what's left of it.


  1. every post you do adds to my self education

    thank you very much

    merry xmas


  2. Merry Christmas Brock. It seems you are enjoying your trip and the photos are interesting. I'm still hoping to get back to my genealogy after Christmas and I will get the info to you about my newfound Confederate ancestor. If I remember he was from Kentucky, but hopefully I'll have a who he served under, etc. Take care!

    1. & a Merry Christmas to you and a Happy New Year! Please do on the genealogy.

  3. Yea, your posts on Vietnam are some of the most interesting here. Families on motorcycles. :0 Not safe!

    That would be great fun to own a shop like that, at least during growing economic times.