Friday, December 30, 2016

The 2 Rules that will guide Trump’s administration

Via Billy


  1. I loved this tweet of his. He's actually going to stick with what he ran on!

    Trump has this vision of a successful presidency, and he intends to pursue it, as opposed to getting bullied into bad positioning. How great is that?

    He needs to first get his things through the Republican Congress though before betraying them on foreign policy. So, maybe he could get together with Putin to agree to shout at each other for 6 months until the Republicans have passed his programs. Then, turn and backstab, build strong relations with Russia and China, reunite Korea, find a permanent resolution for Taiwan that allows it to be sovereign but also part of China. And fix Ukraine somehow... Ukrainian government seems to want WWIII -.-

    1. If he could really do all this, he would go down in history as the best.