Saturday, January 21, 2017

Pro-Brexit, pro-Farage, pro-Trump: Westmonster: Arron Banks launches anti-establishment website

Via Wes

Great to have you here.

What an incredible year 2016 was! Seismic political change swept the world, first with Brexit, followed by the election of Donald Trump as US President. The establishment took one hell of a beating.

The pundits got it wrong. The polls got it wrong. 2016 truly was a victory for ordinary people. 2017 might just be even bigger.

In an age of transformative political change that has been spearheaded by groups like Leave.EU, the media landscape is quickly changing too. And so here we are.

Pro-Brexit, pro-Farage, pro-Trump. Anti-establishment, anti-open borders, anti-corporatism.

Westmonster is part of the growing movement in the UK and right across the world that wants to see radical political change.

Stick around. You might just like what is to follow…


Westmonster: Arron Banks launches anti-establishment website

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