Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Germans make 180-degree turn in their dangerous Muslim refugee policy

Via Billy

refugee protest
Muslim refugees being transported to their new homes in Germany. The majority of refugees are men with only 18% of them children and about 15% of them women.

While the Democrats and so-called moderate Republicans yell and scream over U.S. President Donald Trump’s efforts to stop the influx of Muslims from seven nations known to be hotbeds of radical Islamic terrorists, Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel under intense pressure by the German people is now seeking the deportation of the same refugees she originally welcomed with opened arms.

Merkel announced her 180-degree turn in her nation’s refugee policy and says she will unveil plans this week to increase deportations of immigrants especially those suspected of being involved in anti-West terrorism or materially-supporting radical groups.


  1. They should throw that stupid woman out on her ass right in the middle of a large group of her little brown buddies and see how that works out for her.

    1. I wonder if she's not some sort of Communist since she did grow up in East Germany.

      She'd more easily transform Germany if importing most any group other than Muslims.

    2. She was a commie before, that's for sure.

  2. I wouldn't bat an eye. Wonder how many murders, rapes and assaults she is guilty of?

  3. There must have been some ulterior motive to open the door to jihad invaders.