Saturday, February 18, 2017

Jacka$$ John McCain Trashes POTUS TRUMP in Europe – Defends Globalism

Via Billy

Anti-Trump Senator John McCain flew to Germany this week to trash President Donald Trump in his speech to European leaders.

McCains’s speech at the Munich Security Summit was posted earlier today.

What a treasonous act to his president, the Republican Party and to his country.

The Washington Post reported:


  1. He is a giant POS.

  2. Of course he did. The cretin is a traitor!

    Always has been, always will be.


    1. Even more despicable as he did this overseas. Guess he didn't read about what happened to the Dixie Chicks when they did the same thing.

  3. Sheesh! For cryin' out loud. Doesn't anyone use spellcheck anymore?

    The first sentence should correctly read "Sen. John McCuck."


    Fixed it for ya.

  4. McCain is worse than Obama.

    My grandfather and an aunt both thought me liberal for saying Obama > McCain. I still say Obama > McCain.

    I voted Constitution Party in 2008.


    1. I voted Constitution Party in 2008.

      I wrote in Ron Paul.

    2. Doesn't surprise me!

      Well, you need to follow Justin Raimondo on twitter. He's libertarian; I'm no libertarian. But he's been the guy to follow for where Trump is potentially errant (foreign policy).

      It's important I think to see the risks too. So, if Trump does make a mistake, we can be sure to speak up, let him know. We do no good if we blindly cheer him. I say that, but I do love nearly everything Trump has done. And it might be he has a plan for what I think I don't like currently, or that he wasn't involved (such as provoking China currently).

    3. So did I.




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