Friday, February 17, 2017

Sheriff David Clarke Cracks Down on Illegal Immigration, Liberals Freak Out

Via Billy

Sheriff David Clarke 2

What a world.

Apparently, liberals have become so deranged that they now protest when the law enforcement officers they hire… try to enforce the law. I’m not kidding.

The latest example of this precious bit of liberal insanity comes to us from Milwaukee County where the brilliant (and very popular) Sheriff, David Clarke, was recently forced to face down a liberal protest after announcing that his officers would enforce our nation’s laws.

Here’s what started the whole mess:

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  1. Your average liberal believes in enforcing the law only when it is to his advantage, depending on circumstances at that moment. Should the rule of law conflict with what he wants, then it should be ignored. A liberal with drone on and on about how they believe in "equality" and now morally superior they are to those evil Deplorables, except when it comes to "the law". Then they have a rabid hatred for the idea that the rule of law ought to apply to every one equally.

    1. I'm no Republican, but Democrats today tend to accuse Trump of threatening the Constitution. Shameless. It's Orwellian.

      I love how Trump brings all of these "liberals" into the light. Clarke is able to act now bc of Trump.

      Big business wants cheap labour. Democrats want new voters. Neocons want global conquest. Globalists want a malleable mixed-population citizenry as opposed to American traditions which aren't so malleable.

      So, lots of reasons people support mass immigration.

    2. I had hoped he would receive a place in the administration and might yet.