Saturday, February 4, 2017

Socialism, Boats, Protests & Riots

Via David


  1. From G. Edward Griffin:
    WHEN EVIL IS CALLED VIRTUE Take a close look at this week’s cartoon. It carries a hidden message that is easy to miss. The irony is clear enough that the violent leftist demonstrators in the US, whose political ideology is identical to classical Fascist doctrine, seek to deny freedom-of-speech to those who disagree with them. That, too, is classical Fascism. Yet, these people have the gall to label those they attack as Fascists. But the deeper message is that the demonstrators in every part of the country follow the same style book. They shout slogans and chants that are crafted to create the impression that they are virtuous and trod the moral high ground. They shout obscenities and assault people while chanting: “Shame. Shame. Shame.” Observers are thereby programmed to feel that, even though the rioters are obnoxious, their actions are justified by the virtue of their cause and the evil they oppose. This tactic is called ‘virtue signaling’ and it is studied at war colleges and universities specializing in psychological warfare. I recall reading about a similar strategy years ago in a manual for guerilla warfare. It stressed the importance of winning the support of peasants and local townspeople by convincing them that the guerillas are motivated by high ideals, such as a desire for peace, freedom, equality, and opposition to tyranny. It is obvious that this tactic did not just occur simultaneously to the organizers. They are not products of a spontaneous uprising of the masses but part of a network of professional agitators with lots of training and money behind them. In my view, one of the most important things that must be done by the Trump administration is to put these Fascist revolutionary organizations out of business, and the best way to do that is to cut off their funding from abroad and from within. Let’s start with from within. The name George Soros comes to mind. G. Edward Griffin
    These rioters are loons.