Thursday, February 23, 2017

Trump and The Truth about Sweden by a Swede

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  1. Philo has commented on your story "Trump and the Truth about Sweden by a Swede":
    Boy did I enjoy this video.If only he would put that story in writing here.
    A guy who is able to produce a thing like this should delve deeper .
    And with that I mean ,exposing the politicians. All over Europe ,the EU you see politicians do the same thing as in Sweden. So why are there still politicians . Even if they got paid but one euro/hr the bastards are still standing in line to become a politician.
    Believe me that is not out of love for fatherland or their own people. Oh no these rats know that once they have made it into parliament and or government, they have made it financially.That is for as long as they do exactly what the CIA and the multinational corporations tell them to do.And even if they do not want to do the bidding of these bastards they cannot do anything else. Because they are all under blackmail. Most if not all of them belong to a worldwide net of pedophilians and satanists. They are all people without morals ,principles and a backbone.
    And all this is only happening because you and I are stupid enough to believe that others have the right to rule over us. Because they know more and better than we. But do they?
    Think about this real life story:
    An old man lies down dying on his bed ,he has his eyes closed and hardly breathes anymore. His wife and the doctor are standing at his bedside .At a certain moment the doctor says ; allright he has died. The old guy opens his eyes and says : But I am not dead yet!! Says his wife : Shut up Jack the doctor will know better than you!!