Monday, March 6, 2017

Attorney Larry Klayman: FISA Warrants Could Not Have Been Issued Without Knowledge of President Obama

Via Billy

Steve Malzberg: Can we find out and how soon whether or not a FISA warrant was sought and issued?
Larry Klayman: We are going back to the same judge Richard Leon in Washington, who twice preliminarily enjoined the NSA and by extension the CIA for this illegal surveillance. And we’re asking him to immediately hold a status conference and look into this. He has the ability. He has a security clearance that he can see these warrants. And, in fact, some of the judges on the same court house in Washington DC sit on that FISA court. So that’s the way we can do it. But let me say something about what’s being said here about this illegal surveillance. There’s no doubt that it happened. We know it happened to General Mike Flynn. We know in fact there likely were FISA warrants. That could not have been issued without the knowledge of the President of the United States Barack Obama. So President Trump was exactly right.


  1. I actually doubt Obozo knew about this. Not that he isn't culpable for everything that happened while he was in office but he did not actually care to do the work of being POTUS. In reality I expect the vast majority of the day to day work was done by and overseen by his handler Iranian Valerie Jarrett. She probably was involved in this spying....and quite possibly without ANY involvement by Obozo. Doesn't make him any less guilty....he may not have know what his staff was doing but he knew they were doing things...a lot of things and couldn't be bothered to keep an eye on what it was. So he can hang with the rest. And that is what needs to happen.

    1. So he can hang with the rest. And that is what needs to happen.