Tuesday, March 14, 2017

CNN ballistic over Rep. Steve King’s tweet about demography being destiny

Via Nancy

Holland’s future or not? If left unchecked, the Turks and the Moroccans will outbreed the Dutch. It is a fact.

I’ve mentioned before that I watch CNN every morning while my coffee is perking. I recommend it to all of you because one is instantly oriented to what the political Left is going to harp on for the day.
This morning they were aghast at the remark Rep. Steve King tweeted in relationship to tomorrow’s election in Holland where Geert Wilders has a shot at winning.

(By the way, I also recommend tweeting to all of you. If you follow the right sites and people, it is the fastest way to get breaking news—even better than Drudge. You don’t have to tweet yourselves, just get an account and follow certain people. Then, throughout the day, check in to see what is breaking around the world! I tweet a lot of news out that I never have time to write about.)


Here is what got Rep. Steve King in hot water with the Lefties at CNN.



Isn’t this the absolute truth! The Dutch election tomorrow is about saving Holland and Western Civilization!


  1. Allowing immigrants into a country that refuse to acclimate and become part of the society, is not compassion or tolerance. It is an invasion and will destroy the host country. In the very near future Western Civilization will cease to exist, or there will be warfare unlike we've seen for hundreds of years. There is only one solution, total and complete elimination of the invaders. If there is still enough of our ancestors blood still flowing. There will come a swell of freedom fighters that take back their countries and eliminate all invaders and traitors.

    If it begins, it needs to continue. It needs to completely eliminate the political ideology of Islam. And NO, Islam is not a religion. It is a political ideology disguised as religion.


    1. Islam is not a religion. It is a political ideology disguised as religion.

      Amen and I'm not open to discussion on this. :)

    2. Here is a good start for people willing to examine Islam, rather than just buy the propaganda.



    3. Badger, it looks like Western Europe will flee eastwards. So, we're just at the 7th inning or so. The West isn't dead yet!

      I don't see much will in the West to live though. People can debate what the core problem is, but the West is clearly very sick. If a person has AIDS, you don't say he died of the common cold.

      Why does crowded Europe have any immigration to begin with? How much support has the US given to the EU project? Is the US significantly behind Europe's demise?

    4. If a person has AIDS, you don't say he died of the common cold.