Saturday, March 11, 2017

House GOP targets VA's 'bad apples' in vote next week

Via Billy

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House Republicans are gearing up for a vote next week on legislation that would make it easier to fire, demote and strip bonus awards from corrupt or negligent officials at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The vote will come nearly three years after Congress acted to punish VA workers involved in healthcare scandal. In 2014, it was revealed that VA workers around the country were systematically cooking the books to make it look like veterans didn't have to wait very long for a medical appointment.

But three years later, the 2014 bill is a proven failure when it comes to disciplining VA employees, Just a handful were ever fired, and many were allowed to retire with full benefits, a performance record that has drawn complaints from Congress for the last two years.


  1. Government is so good at rooting out government corruption. NOT !!

    1. There should be some rolling heads now.