Friday, March 3, 2017

Political Witch Hunt: France's Marine Le Pen loses EU immunity over IS tweets

Via Billy

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen photographed in the European Parliament in Strasbourg

Far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen was stripped of her European Parliament immunity Thursday after she tweeted images of Islamic State atrocities, paving the way for her prosecution by French authorities.

Prosecutors launched a probe in December, 2015 over the graphic pictures that the French National Front (FN) leader posted on social media, which included the decapitated body of US journalist James Foley.

"The result is clear, a big majority is in favour of the lifting of immunity," acting parliament speaker Dimitrios Papadimoulis said, after lawmakers in Brussels voted by a show of hands.

The ruling is effective immediately for Le Pen, a National Front MEP, European Parliament officials told AFP.

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  1. According to Paul Craig Roberts, they'll keep her from
    winning anyway possible, including assassination. That
    includes the U.S. gov sticking their noses in other
    countries elections. A good read: