Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Hairs-Breadth Challenge

Via David

About three years ago I met a young Chinese woman, Leiling, at a networking event. Going by the English name Julianna, she was clearly intelligent, educated, cultured… someone who had every positive thing going for her.  Yet she was trapped in a dead-end job with no prospects.  Her ambitions were to become a nurse, and I urged her to continue with that pursuit.  From the moment we started talking I got the impression that she had tremendous potential… sabotaged by a truly abysmal appraisal of her self-worth.

During our conversation I encouraged her to understand that she had the world open to her if she could just finish her education.  I attempted to get her to grasp that she had enormous worth simply as a human being and to see herself having that value.  And I tried to counsel her to improve herself as well, and made mention, several times, of the concept that she should wake up every morning and say the following:

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