Tuesday, March 21, 2017

U.S. Bans Carry On Laptops and Tablets on Some Middle Eastern Flights to America

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The United States is banning many common electronic devices from the cabin on inbound and outbound flights on more than a dozen Middle Eastern and African airlines. It’s not clear whether the ban reflects concerns about an imminent security risk, but it is making waves among big carriers that fly to and from the United States.

On Monday, Royal Jordanian Airlines abruptly announced on Twitter that it received “instructions from the concerned U.S. departments” that passengers can’t carry any electronic devices bigger than a cell phone onto its flights into or from the United States. The tweet was deleted several hours later
Devices including laptops, tablets, cameras, and DVDs can only be put in checked bags. Medical devices and cellphones were exempted. The ban comes into effect starting March 21 and airlines are expected to comply within 96 hours.

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