Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Assad lynch mob.

Via David


I have returned from a trip to take care of some family business. Fran's careful work to reestablish the credibility of his blog is now for naught. He's back!!!!

The story of the hour is the rush to judgment on who was responsible for the deaths in a Syrian town said to be due to some kind of gas. The one responsible is none other than Assad, Mad Dog Ophthalmologist. The amount of intellectual dishonesty one has to wade through in listening to very eminent men convinced of this fact is stunning.

On grounds of cui bono alone a reasonable person would have to conclude the opposite, namely, that Assad gains nothing by reckless chemical weapon use against civilians, or even military ones. The very indiscriminate nature of chemical weapons makes them a poor choice and Assad's forces have been doing very well with conventional weapons alone. Why mess with success?

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