Saturday, April 8, 2017

Federal Marshals Arrest Gary Hunt



It has come to our attention that there has been a development regarding the prosecution (persecution) of journalist Gary Hunt. This past January, the documented use of lawfare was proven through judicial transparency thanks to the release of court documents. These documents show that United States Attorney Pamala Holsinger tried to convince Judge Anna Brown that Hunt was in possession of what she considered to be contraband, which was actually discovery evidence. Since then, Hunt has been visited by FBI Special Agent Matthew Catalano multiple times, as documented in his Freedom of the Press article series. During these face-to-face meetings, Agent Catalano and Hunt enjoyed polite discussions as Hunt refused service of the court order demanding his appearance in the federal Oregon District Court. Hunt explained to Agent Catalano that he did not think this order applies to him.

The latest development is that as of today on March 30th of 2017, at approximately 12:30 pm PST, Gary Hunt was arrested by federal marshals at his home in Los Molinos, California. He was reported to have been transported to Sacramento, yet his extradition to Oregon is still under question.

According to the Sealed Order Granting Government’s Request for Arrest Warrant as to Gary Hunt & Order Sealing Arrest Warrant, which was filed back on March 10th:

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  1. Just in:

    I am finally back home from having spent just over one week in the Sacramento County Jail.

    I want to thank all who have supported me throughout this ordeal, whether with financial support, open support on Social Media, and those who prayed for a good outcome. Through extremely limited communications, I was still able to find out some of what was going on outside of the jail walls.

    Currently, the ground is still held with regard to the matter of the jurisdiction of the Court over my articles. A hearing is scheduled for May 9, in Portland. It has been stipulated to, that my appearance at that hearing is not an admission of jurisdiction -- it is simply to decide whether, or not, there was jurisdiction. If it is determined that there was jurisdiction (which I doubt), then a Show Cause hearing will be held at a future date.
    I will be writing a number of articles, some prior to that first hearing. Others will be written after that hearing, to include the outcome of that hearing and other matters that I am not at liberty to discuss at this time.

    I have held my ground, and will continue to do so. Hopefully, this will be an encouraging lesson to patriots; you can challenge the government and win. With this in mind, it is abundantly clear that: