Monday, April 10, 2017

Susan Rice Worth Almost 50 MILLION

Via Billy


A UN diplomat doesn’t seem to be a likely candidate for Lifestyles of the Super Rich. However, Susan Rice worked under the Obama Administration, so anything is possible.

In 2012 The Washington Post noted Rice wasn’t the typical diplomat. Her net worth hovered just above 20 million dollars. Now barely five years later that figure has more than doubled. Inquiring minds wonder how it’s possible.

Did she win the lottery? Or maybe she inherited a fortune from her long lost uncle? We can’t say, but what we do know is government paychecks don’t produce that kind of wealth

Actually, the truth should shock Obama lovers.


Remember the official energy policy of the Obama administration? Creating new “clean energy” jobs and technologies, making America more energy independent, and reducing carbon emissions. Susan Rice didn’t get the memo.

The Conservative website, Fire Andrea Mitchell, says:


  1. For all of liberals preaching about the evil rich people. They sure like getting rich.


  2. Seems they would "share the wealth" and maybe pay more than "their fair share" to the IRS. BTW, just wondering, what goods or services did Susan Rice provide to amass that wealth?--Ron W

    1. what goods or services did Susan Rice provide to amass that wealth?-


  3. Well, maybe it's her shared wealth with her husband who is, I recently read, in a high position with ABC News. Otherwise, it's usually claimed that one sacrifices personal wealth to be in "public service". --Ron W

    1. one sacrifices personal wealth to be in "public service"


    2. Someone like Ron Paul sacrifices income I'm sure.

      I don't agree with Ron Paul's ideology, but he's no sell out.