Monday, May 22, 2017

Lessons From New Orleans

Via comment by EIEIO on NOLA Mayor Blames Confederate Monuments for People...


The League of the South has spent years warning about Southern cultural genocide.

Unlike our friends in the Southern heritage movement, Southern Nationalists do not believe we can coexist in a multiracial democracy. We do not believe we can preserve our Southern heritage while becoming a racial and cultural minority in our own lands. In every society, someone always rules. In the past, we ruled ourselves and erected public monuments to our forefathers. Today, we have decamped to the suburbs and have turned over the keys of our great cities to the negro.

As the Robert E. Lee monument comes down in New Orleans, I have compiled a list of the lessons we have learned from this episode. This is a verdict on multiracial democracy.

1.) Dylann Roof Didn’t Cause This


  1. What is suggest to put up statues of Robert E. Lee in all the other states if the South does not want them. He was a true American hero

    1. I believe SCV Headquarters and Beauvoir is interested in taking them.

    2. Well, that's mighty white of the
      worthless cucks of the SCV.
      Thanks for nothing.

      cav medic.

  2. Posted by me in response to:

    If Robert E. Lee is to be condemned as a traitor, and Confederate monuments are to be torn down, then what about George Washington, who led the army in rebellion against his government when the colonies seceded from England, and they hoisted the rebel flag designed by Betsy Ross?

    Shall we ban display of the Stars and Stripes, under which all slaves were brought to America, and tear down the Washington Monument?

    Let's really get to the bottom line here.

    This really isn't about history or monuments.

    It's all about race.

    The fact is that black people have declared war on white people, and black people hate America and everything about America.

    White people need to wake up and face harsh reality, including the unpleasant truth that the worst enemies of white people are other white people.

  3. I must say, that is a fine view of the war hero and gentle-
    man, Robert E. Lee.