Thursday, June 8, 2017

New Orleans Mayor Hypes His Cultural Cleansing

Political correctness didn’t succeed as well as the Left had hoped it would because PC conflicts with the concept “two sides to every story.” National media only presents the side that bolsters its socio/poltical agenda, and it seems to think its opinions are widely accepted. But polls indicate that the public’s trust in media has sunk to one of its lowest levels. Alternative news sites are presenting the other side of the story and more people seek second opinions on news reports.

Currently, we are experiencing a serious “demographic, ideological, and cultural” divide in our nation. The Left thought the public had blithely accepted its “modernized”, one-sided revisionist history and so it didn’t expect the widespread opposition to the Confederate monument removals in New Orleans. The public apparently knows more about American history than the Left realizes.


  1. We need more "Leftists" like Kirkpatrick Sale.

    Though I'm never going to see him as left-wing.