Saturday, June 3, 2017

Trump moves to privatize air-traffic control, pushes aggressive infrastructure plan

Via Billy

President Trump will begin a push Monday to privatize the air traffic control system, according to White House officials, as he pivots next week to an ambitious plan to rebuilt America’s highways, bridges, seaports and airports.

The bold move to dislodge air traffic control (ATC) from the Federal Aviation Administration and create a quasi-independent, non-profit corporation to do the job is a fitting kickoff for Mr. Trump’s weeklong focus on his infrastructure agenda.

Like the rest of the plan, it is more government reform than spending spree and faces furious pushback form the left and the Washington establishment.


  1. This will win him support, but he really needs to cut the war spending to pay for it.

    He was also expected to find wasteful spending. He still could of course. I'd hoped he'd, for example, find waste and fraud in social security.

    I guess were it me I'd have just brought in the Paleos. Trump must not know of his intellectual compatriots on the Right.

    Some claim there is fraud in social security.