Saturday, June 17, 2017

Views on immigration, Muslims drove white voters to Trump

Via Billy

The Story of Trump's Appeal

Key Findings
  • Voters who held views of immigrants, Muslims, minorities, and feminist women as the undeserving “other” were particularly susceptible to Trump’s appeal in both the primaries and the general election 
  • The economic concerns of voters made contributions to Trump’s success, both directly and indirectly, through promoting the cultural attitudes associated with Trump support 
  • Views on trade, contrary to the conventional wisdom, did not appear to have much of an independent effect on Trump support in either the primaries or the general election.


The unlikely and tumultuous rise of Donald Trump is one of the most incredible political events in living memory. For a man with no political experience, no military background, and almost no support from political elites to succeed in winning the primary of a major political party and then the general election nearly defies explanation. Explain we must, though. His ascendancy suggests that the ground has shifted under our feet and portends seismic changes to a political order that we ignore at our own peril.

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