Tuesday, June 13, 2017

What a bonaza I will Reap! :)

Dear Brock,
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Thanks for your detailed reply which I appreciate so much.

Please what is the last price you will sell your property? I want to invest into more similar properties in your country and I believe you are in better position to assist me achieve this investment plan.

I wouldn't like you to expose this investment plan due to the Switzerland civil service act of March 2000 is against retired Political office holders & Senior Civil Servants to have offshore investments,a panel of Inquiry is been setup by Switzerland Government to investigate my assets as a retired Political office holder & Senior Civil Servant in Switzerland because there is allegation of financial wrongdoing against me by my office which prompted the government to gave me a compulsory retirement.
I cannot travel to your country to inspect the property for now due to the nature of the panel of inquiry investigation,I will like you to personally and privately handle the purchase of your property confidentially on my behalf and when the panel investigation is over,I will fly with my family to meet you to avoid being harass by our local security agents,and as well have a deserved retirement rest with my family.

Payment for the property will not be a problem because i have some funds in a private depository in London in my name Jose August German and I would like to make you the beneficiary of the funds to enable you go to London in person and claim the funds as my beneficiary and help me with the property purchase and relocation to your country.

The amount is $17.5 million usd cash  and  you will deduct payment for the property, your expenses for the trip and a financial reward of 18% of the total funds for your confidential help. The Depository will assist you with their banking agent that will help you open a non-residential bank account in London to lodge the cash without questions and for gradual online banking transfer to your country and after the claim you will send me USD$157,000 from the funds for my relocation while you invest the balance in real estate development project .

I don't want to hide anything from you so that you can make up your mind, I will give you full details, and contact details of the depository and all valid claim documents for the claim once you confirm to me you can handle this transaction based on trust. 


Kind regards to you and your family,



  1. I'll get right on it, I could use 18% of 17.5 million dollars, but, I want it in chinese yuan... as I see a need to flee there after I begin the process due to our banking laws here in Good Old US of A.

    1. I'm so glad I did a Google search. I got this exact same email today (verbatim )and I thought it was suspicious! Did he ever reply back to you?

    2. No and I can't figure out why he didn't.......:)