Thursday, July 13, 2017

A Rebel Born


Foreword for A Rebel Born: A Defense of Nathan Bedford Forrest, Confederate General, American Legend, by Lochlainn Seabrook, Sea Raven Press, 2010.

There is a story that a year or two after the great American war of 1861–1865, a visiting Englishman asked Gen. R.E. Lee, “Who is the greatest soldier produced by the war?” It is reported that Lee without hesitation replied: “A gentleman in Tennessee whom I have never met. His name is Forrest.”

There can be no doubt that Bedford Forrest was one of the great captains of history.

Time and time again he defeated much larger forces in battle. Other enemy forces he regularly dispersed, captured, and deprived of their supplies. By bold and quick movement, accompanied by a genius for terrain and for surprising his opponents, he tied down or diverted large opposing armies.

Time and again he raised new forces and equipped them from the enemy.


  1. My BD is the day before the great General's, July 13. My alma mater is Middle Tennessee State University, the athletic teams of which are the Blue Raiders named after the original Raider of the Bluecoats. The ROTC Building there is Forrest Hall, but of course, with the pervasive cultural Marxism on college campuses , an effort is in progress to expunge his name. A late cousin of my mother who researched genealogies claims we are his descendants on my maternal grandmother's side. --RW

    1. an effort is in progress to expunge his name.

      Thanks and that's a shame.