Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Comment on: Just 6% Of Americans Say Russia Story Is 'Important'

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The media has done this to themselves. By going all in for one party for the last 50-years. They have become irrelevant. Our Founding Fathers, envisioned a vibrant honest press that would hold those in power to task.

Instead, by going all democrat all the time. THEY have allowed and enabled government to become the cesspool it now is. Had they called democrats to task, instead of turning a blind eye. Government corruption and its incestuous relationship with business would not have brought us to this point. Citizens struggle, while major corporations receive billions in subsidies. Billionaires, receive tax breaks on the backs of the working poor.

Government should NEVER subsidize business. Period! Every business should grow or fail based on their business plan. Governments job is to assure a fair playing field. Not to pick the winners and losers. Politicians receive billions in bribes, oh sorry campaign contributions to make laws. They make laws to reduce competition. Putting onerous regulations, no small business can afford. Only multi-billion-dollar businesses can afford. Their latest push is to eliminate EVERY independent restaurant. Eliminating competition for the food chains.

How you ask? For several years they have tried to pass “regulations” that require every menu item to have a complete nutrition breakdown. No big deal for McDonald’s to list the nutritional breakdown on their menu. But what about your local diner? Can you imagine the cost to them to hire some company to produce the nutritional breakdown for every menu item? It is in the thousands of dollars. Even if they could afford it once. Never being able to afford to change the menu. I know when I owned a restaurant I kept a “core menu” but every three months I changed it. Not counting if my wholesaler had a deal and I run specials. I would have had to pay some company to prepare a nutritional breakdown for every change. I would have been broke and out of business in months.

The government ruling against “fair-trade” regulations have eliminated locally owned businesses and gave rise to Walmart, Home Depot, and the rest of the big box stores. Further killing the local business communities. For many too young to remember, the “fair trade” regulations allowed companies to require their sellers to sell at a minimum price. This is why, Sears and others had “store brands” so they could undersell. But not in direct competition. Sears could not sell a Maytag at a price lower than set by the company. They could sell their Kenmore brand at a lower price. But then it was a Maytag competing against a Kenmore.

When government removed the “fair trade” pricing. Suddenly Sears and others could undersell the local businesses. Sears and others always had a larger profit margin then locals’ due to the quantities they purchased. But they could not under sell them. Once the “fair trade” was gone the big boxes could sell at a price close to what the local stores paid. Soon there was no local appliance stores, lumber yards, and dozens of others.

Sorry for the tangent, but this is all due to the fact the media only held one party to task. The other could make these deals without scrutiny.

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