Sunday, July 23, 2017


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Sam Davis Youth Camp 2011 To The Tune of General Lee's Grand March

 Sam Davis Youth Camp 2013


Campers learn valuable lesson in liberty & the First Amendment.

This past Wednesday the Sam Davis Camp took its field trip to Waco - for the past 4 years we have always dropped the 25 X 40 foot battle flag from the old 1870 Waco Suspension Bridge and save for horn blowing and high fives have not aroused any interest.

Not this year. We dropped the flag over the bridge so our boat tour campers could see it as they passed under the bridge. After furling it we noticed a Waco Park Ranger poking around and figured out someone had told him about our flagging.

No flag in sight so he soon left. After he left we decided to drop the flag over the bridge & see if he returned. We did & he did! He walked up to our kids & politely demanded that they furl the flag "can't display a flag without a permit" he said- I walked up and told him we had a permit - called the First amendment.

"sir he said you can't fly the American flag without a permit here." I said I doubted that - and told him our flagging was planned to be over shortly with or without a permit.

Another 5 minutes and we brought the flag up and folded it only to be confronted by an offended snowflake who accused us of racism & "shouting" at the community. We argued politely he threw us an FBomb and left. Some of us then started the walk to our next venue the old Fort House on 5th & Webster.

As we left our photographer noticed the snowflake using his phone. As we walked up Franklin Street we noticed 3-4 cop cars with sirens blowing approaching us. I joked: "Hide everyone - they are after us as flag mobbers!"

They were - they stopped at the Suspension bridge looking for us - snowflake had called in on us. Of course us flag criminals had flown the coop. Best lesson in liberty and what really confronts us ever taught at the Sam Davis Camp.


  1. we're invaded by ignorant idiots....

    1. More correctly know as GodDamnYankees. :)

      "Brock, it is permissible to take the Lord's name in vain if you are referring to Yankees."

      Ellen Douglas Pippen Townsend
      (My mother was a devout Episcopalian, and was not being facetious. BT)