Monday, July 31, 2017

Freedom Pop +AT&T: 100% Free Cell Phone with Service for One-Time $29.99 Activation Fee

Via Cousin John



  1. This looks interesting. I pay for a Trac-phone to carry. I am NOT connected. I don't use the cell phone, I just carry it in the car in case. For me this would be perfect. I think in the last year I have used my cell phone a total of about 20 minutes. When I called the internet provider for tech support.

    Has anyone here ever used this. I'm just worried there is a got-ya hiding someplace. I've learned, if is sounds too good to be true. Then it is.


    1. sounds too good to be true.

      That's what I said to Cousin John. :) I guess that they are a new company and hope you eventually pay for a better plan.