Friday, July 14, 2017

Lou Dobbs Tells Seans Hannity: The Left is Attempting Coup Against Trump

Via Billy


  1. The Left has crossed the line a long time ago from having a different view on how ought this country be run, to active sedition and treason against a duly elected government and the Constitution. To say the Left is attempting Coup against Trump is to state the obvious. The end game of the Left is to take total control, and to install a one party totalitarian socialist/communist state. What all the useful idiots, mal-educated utopians and the cannon fodder don't understand is that once all of their political enemies have been exterminated. And yes I do mean death camp, gulag exterminated, THEY will be next to be murdered en mass. The revolution will turn on itself, those deemed not pure enough will be hunted down, alone with political rivals by those who are determined to stay in power and control. It happened during the French Revolution, the Nazi's rise to power, The Russian Revolution (and Stalin's reign of terror/purges), China (the Red Guard), and Cambodia (the killing fields). The Lefties in this country are going to keep pushing for Civil War until they get it. What they want is absolute power.

    1. Excellent and thanks.