Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Voter Fraud is Real

Via John


Who is behind this website voterfraudisreal.com?

Voterfraudisreal.com was created by a group of citizen-journalists who are from different backgrounds and political beliefs who have come together to ensure that the greatest country in the history of the world has the fairest and freest elections in the world as well. This is definitely not a partisan issue, voter fraud has been committed by both major parties for years and the common thread seems to be that the entrenched political elite will do anything whether legal or not to keep their current stranglehold on the power of the government.

What is your purpose in creating this website?

We are here to give a voice to the average American who plays by the rules and wants everyone’s vote to count equally. Both major political parties need to abide by the rule of law.


  1. OT You'll need to be aware of this story since it's in your backyard.

    INSANE GOV OVERREACH – Homeowners Threatened with CRIMINAL ENVIRONMENTAL COURT For Leaving Trashcans on Curb

    Cristina Laila Jul 4th, 2017 4:21 pm 94 Comments

    North Carolina – Homeowners in Charlotte are being strong-armed by the environmental gestapo for having their trashcans out on the curb too long. They are being threatened with fines and even forced to appear in a Criminal Environmental Court.


    1. Thanks.Charlotte is as bad as Asheville I am told.