Friday, August 4, 2017



On Thursday, gun rights advocates from across the region joined GRNC at Raleigh’s State Legislature Mall to demand passage of HB746, the Omnibus Gun Bill.

This important bill, which finally permits Constitutional Carry – concealed carry by lawful citizens without a bureaucratic process or permit – is currently being denied an up or down vote by the Senate Rules Committee. Now is the time to pass this bill! Now is the time to demand that your senator get behind the bill in caucus and bring it to a successful veto proof vote!

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  1. And once you end the state permit system, you end national carry. That IS who came up with "Constitutional carry". The anti gun congress. Because one you end state training and ID, you end crossing state lines with a firearm. I find it interesting that the rabid pro-carry crowd haven't caught on to this.--Ray

  2. If they would finally pass it they would end the ILLEGAL process of having to PAY TO EXERCISE OUR RIGHTS!