Monday, August 7, 2017

What a US nuclear strike on North Korea would look like

Via Billy

Responding Monday to new U.N. sanctions, North Korea threatened a nuclear attack on the United States.

Speaking at the ASEAN summit in Manila, North Korea's foreign minister spoke of "intercontinental attack capabilities" that meant his nation could teach the U.S. a "severe lesson with its nuclear strategic force." Doubling down, North Korea's state news agency suggested that "There is no bigger mistake than the United States believing that its land is safe across the ocean."

In the context of North Korea's rapidly advancing intercontinental ballistic missile program, these threats cannot be ignored.

Still, North Korean officials would do well to remind themselves of the nuclear threat they currently face.


  1. The sensible observer with a cursory understanding of Korean history since WW2 sees that the US brought this on itself. Had the US not forced a split Korea (think Vietnam) and allowed Koreans to solve their own political destiny, a Kim Jong Un would not exist today. Each time the US has forced the South into military exercises (for decades)it antagonizes the North. And the North understands the lesson of Iraq: If you have nuclear weapons the US will not attempt regime change. Plus China is in the background enjoying the US being prodded into a war we don't need.
    So sad we do not learn from history . . .

    1. Learn? Learn? Learn? I have no idea why anyone takes our word after Vietnam.

    2. The US and dozens of other nations went to war in Korea in 1950 to KEEP communist North Korea from destroying free South Korea and creating another variation on the Cuba problem.....a communist client state. That war NEVER ENDED...all we have is a truce. A truce that the NORKs violate with regularity. The ONLY reason that nothing has happened is because China has made it abundantly clear they don't WANT the status quo to change. They WANT the US, Japan to tie up MASSIVE amounts of men and material in South Korea to counter the wacko NORKs as that material is then NOT available to oppose them elsewhere. The same issue is at hand with Iran.....they have been fairly cozy with Russia. If we act there Russia gets involved. So in both places we have not acted because the risks outweigh the benefit. But when the sawed off psycho Kim Jong Unsane who actually BELIEVES HIS BULLSHIT PR about being able to destroy us pops a warhead at Honolulu, San Diego or some other US target ALL BETS ARE OFF. The ONLY question at that time is if it stays 'in theatre' or if we have to wax the Chinese also.

    3. The Chinese say that if we strike first, they will 'act'. If North Korea strikes first, they will remain neutral.