Tuesday, September 19, 2017

I think we need a third party,


and I think Trump should quietly - does he ever do anything quietly - call for it and Bannon / Palin should start organizing it . . . right now!  I think if properly managed, they could elect some people in '18 by-elections.  Certainly they could present a viable ticket by 2020.

I think the GOP is as dead as the NSDAP and the Dungrats are fitful Communists jerking spastically in their own death throes.  The old system is beyond restoration and new ideas are needed.  Not new at all, actually, but a resurrection of the original ideas of a tightly controlled federal authority acting as agent for the several States.  And any state wishing to secede should be applauded on the way out.

Y'hear me there, California, New York, Massachusetts, Illinois?


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