Saturday, September 9, 2017

Trump is more serious than you think about building the border wall

Via Billy

In any case, no matter what we call it, we should take Trump at his word when he says he plans to build and operate the wall. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Back in May, the House of Representatives passed a $1.6 billion appropriation to fund President Trump's promised Mexican border wall. Now, what seems like several dog years later, final funding for the wall became a political pawn after Trump threatened to veto emergency debt-limit legislation unless it is included. There was also talk that funding the wall could become a spoonful of sugar to bring federal relief to hurricane Harvey victims.

But just how serious is the president about building and operating a Mexico-United States barrier? Is he committed to the project, or, as some have wondered, is talking and jockeying about it enough, by itself, to prove to his base that he hasn't forgotten his promise?

Buried deep in a July analysis of the administration's 2018 regulatory budget by George Washington University's Regulatory Studies Center is powerful evidence that Trump is deadly serious about building the wall.

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