Friday, October 6, 2017

Folks, It’s Too Late to Ban Bump Fire Stocks

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Democrats, along with some Republicans hoping to triangulate, think that banning bump fire stocks would prevent another attack like the one in Las Vegas. It’s too late, folks.

Pictured is the Bump Fire Stock created by Disruptive Solutions. What is notable about this stock is that it is a free, open-source design released by that company, with complete schematics for 3D printing.

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  1. A bump stock is simply a tool to circumvent the ban on automatic weapons; it serves no other useful purpose. Go ahead and ban them and make possession illegal. If someone wants to go through the hassle of making one, there is nothing that can be done about it, but a ban will prevent a casual shooter from buying one and going on a rampage. A ban isn't foolproof but it is necessary. Unfortunately I suspect ISIS and the like will purchase hundreds of them before they are banned. Isn't that comforting?

    1. A necessary

      & why pray?

    2. "Unfortunately I suspect ISIS and the like will purchase hundreds of them..."

      Not likely, considering that the weapons used with bump stocks are semi-auto, and that just about all semi-autos fire from an closed-bolt action.

      Closed-bolt action + near-full-auto rate of fire = a cook-off.

      Nobody likes a cook-off, even Abdullah.

    3. Nobody likes a cook-off, even Abdullah.


  2. This has nothing to do with "bump stocks"! This is about universal gun confiscation, the end of the first ten amendments to the holy constitution and smoothing the road to the Great Peoples Communist Union. This is about death camps for ANYONE that didn't support an "Obama in perpetuity" and "death to America" platform. This is the face of communist revolution.---Ray