Thursday, October 26, 2017

Social Justice “Fair Wage” Pizza Shop Forced to Close Over Evil “Profit”

 Roxbury’s Dudley Dough, a pizza parlor associated with the nonprofit Haley House, is shutting its doors.
 Gee, I am just blindsided..........:)

We can run the experiment a million times, and liberals will still refuse to accept that economic laws are every bit as real as the law of gravity until they’re personally mugged by reality … and even that’s no guarantee they’ll wake up.

The Boston Globe reports that Dudley Dough, a pizzeria in Roxbury, Massachusetts, will be closing its doors at the end of the year, not too long after its launch in 2015.

It seems that no matter how warm and fuzzy the parlor’s stated mission as a “fair wage” business made the socially-conscious lefties in the community feel, it was no substitute for the simple fact that an “economic justice” business plan isn’t enough to break even.


  1. Lefties do not have a clue as to what "profit" is and they say it as if profit was a bad thing.
    Ok, Here is the definition of the word.
    Profit (noun): That sum of money a business has remaining (if any) after it has paid its' bills, expenses, and other obligations.
    Remember, the "minimum wage" was meant to be a starting point, not for one support a middle class life style. Minimum wage jobs are suppose to give one the very basic skills for how the real world works and to motivate you to want to improve yourself for the next level. What the Lefties and the other SJWs do not or refuse to understand is that you, the employee have to show to your boss, that you can produce more in goods and services than what it costs him to have you on the pay roll. Also, there does come a point where after a certain period of time, if you are still at minimum wage, you are doing some thing wrong. Either you haven't given your boss the justification to raise your pay. Or haven't learn the skills to take a different job that pays more.

  2. Follow-up: True story
    I once had a summer job when I was a collage student. My boss, the guy who own the small company was a workaholic overbearing a--hole - That being the kindest thing I can say about him. One day he let me know that he was less than happy with my job performance: "you're costing me more money than what you are worth". Unstated subtext, I just might fire you. The bastard was right, I was not working as hard as I could be and needed to put more effort into my work.
    He did do me a huge favor by chewing me out that day. Lesson learn. And yes I was working at the minimum wage at the time. Other point, minimum wage is better than no wage.

    1. Good story.


      minimum wage is better than no wage.

      Except for many who would rather receive welfare. :(

  3. This is related to the minimum wage debate. Higher wages (minimum or market) would mean more businesses would close.

    But it's tough to argue against a minimum wage when we take in a million legal, million illegal annually. And I assume the 300K we take in as anchor babies annually is included in those numbers somehow.

    I will always be in favour of a higher minimum wage in the US until some evidence surfaces that another path to reducing immigration exists.

    The right-wing in the US could have reduced immigration years ago if it had gone with the minimum wage, so in my view we chose to give away our country instead.

    And obviously it creates unemployment and harms businesses. But immigration matters more.

    The Right argument tends to be how we should just choose to vote for fewer immigrants. It doesn't happen. And then it's argued that well voters are to blame. Regardless of what should happen, the US turns Latin. So, I prefer creating unemployment.

    1. Regardless of what should happen, the US turns Latin. So, I prefer creating unemployment.


  4. Pizza is one business where the product markup is HUGE. If the idiot SJWs couldn't make "the living wage" work with THAT business it should be an obvious sign to all that it cannot be done.

    1. At $15 many robots are cheaper depending on the business.