Monday, November 13, 2017

Are The Police Racist?

Via David


  1. Everyone is a member of a 'race' therefore everyone is 'racist'. That's a genetically programmed reality
    of life. Humans are tribal. And differences in appearance
    trigger that tribalism. Rational people however can control
    those tribal feelings....sadly though massive portions of the population are not rational. As for cops being 'racist'.
    I have no doubt some are more so than others. But for the most part it isn't 'race' that drives the problem with cops.
    It's the in you may be black, white, red, yellow or green but YOU AIN'T BLUE therefore you are their enemy. If you aren't part of the 'thin blue line', their club then you are looked at at BEST as a sheep to be shorn if not then an enemy to be killed. THAT is the problem with cops.

    1. THAT is the problem with cops.

      Thanks but certainly not all.