Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Goodies from Ol' Remus


  Captain's Journal - The Conversation Gun Controllers Need To Have With Their Wives ... If someone invades our home, I’m willing to let him rape or even torture you and kill our children

  Off Grid News - They Seized His Truck Because He Had 5 Bullets ... kept it for two years

Diversity, Unz Review - If diversity is so wonderful, and in the self-interest of universities and businesses, why must it be imposed forcefully? Surely if it was as beneficial as advertised, there would be no need for disparate impact lawsuits. It is one thing to demand sacrifices for a clearly understood, noble cause—WW II rationing, for example. But it is quite another to demand sacrifices for a cause whose benefits rest on an obvious falsehood, and it is hard to imagine a bigger lie than “Diversity is Our Strength.” Even worse, today’s PC dogma insists that those coerced into this charade dare not complain, at least in public, since such caviling will be deemed “racist” and a defense of white privilege.

  Equality, Campus Reform - Lisa Wade, a sociology professor at Occidental College, argued in May that fraternities should be abolished because they “hoard power” for “wealthy white men,” and because of the dangerous party culture they promote. Black fraternities could be an exception because “POC [People Of Color] -serving frats are much less problematic than historically white ones.” Instead of abolishing black fraternities, Wade proposed that they could “persist as one of the many orgs on campus aimed at creating space and support for marginalized/traditionally excluded students,” adding that she hopes there is a “concerted effort” to protect these POC fraternities in the move to abolish all other fraternities.


  1. Here is some info which might interest you Brock. Comment
    #3 of the beginning of the subversion of Vietnam. Very
    interesting history of the filth called gov.:

    1. Thanks. https://freenorthcarolina.blogspot.com/2017/11/trevor-aaronson-how-this-fbi-strategy.html

  2. Diversity, root of the word equals "divide."

    So think about that commie phrase, "Diversity is our strength."

    "Divide (divided, split apart, etc) is our strength."