Thursday, November 30, 2017

Lies of Tolerance

The leftist, Marxists liberals lie to themselves (and everyone else) so much, they have no understanding of the truth. Donald Trump is the main reason the nation is struggling with every issue under the sun, while simultaneously being the most inept, out-of-touch, do nothing, know nothing president we have ever had.

They lie to themselves about the reason GDP is up over 3% for the first time in about 10 years for consecutive quarters. To do so would be to acknowledge that Barack Obama had no interest in making American strong, but to drive the people away from jobs and into dependency. They lie to themselves about the nature of the family, telling themselves that any sort of combination of human beings can constitute a family, forgetting that a family requires some hierarchy of authority, discipline, respect and values handed down generation after generation. They lie to themselves about gender as if it is fluid, not recognizing that by exalting one, they denigrate another. They lie to themselves about morality, believing that they are the judges of what is moral with no corresponding aversion to amorality. They lie to themselves about fairness, seeking fairness only for those with whom they agree, reserving unfairness for whom they have decided amongst their clan deserves no fairness.


  1. They lied to themselves about this one too in liberal communist
    San Francisco - that POS illegal alien from Mexico who killed
    Ms. Steinle was acquitted just now. Unfathomable.

    1. Thanks and I'm absolutely stunned.

    2. Yes, so was Lou Dobbs - he was totally shocked. The
      killer had been deported six times per Dobbs.

    3. The killer had been deported six times per Dobbs.

      What else is there to say...?